On Schedule, Quality, Low Cost And Perfection is the identity of Radiance work. Radiance Technologies creative team come up with unique Idea to put our client on top.

Cost effective and prefect solution for your need.

About Radiance Technologies

Radiance Technologies ensures that our customers maximize the return on their investment in technology, by supplying high quality support and tailored training for your dynamic operation. Not only does CQube Data Systems employ the best and the brightest tempered with reality who have proven themselves within the industry, but also professionals with years of experience working within the design, development and gathering of information and processes that ensures a seamless operation to the customers while improving the internal technology capabilities of your organization.

It's no secret that the most valuable treasure of any organization is its team. Radiance benefits from the brilliant command of like-minded professionals who, though with very different natures, do their best to provide scientific, engineering and software solutions that completely match each client's requirement.

We power the domain knowledge in Science, Engineering, Design and post-initial performance, and sub-domain knowledge in other areas. The team's total professional experience exceeds over 15 years.

Radiance best developers and managers are at your disposal with a broad suite of development tools and management flexibility. Quick remote training is also available. While the members of your team focus their work on scaling new peaks, Radiance will do all post-initial jobs such as enhancement and QA and develop non-core applications. We have the ability to locate professionals in any desired field of software and organize a new team, which will match each customer's requirements. Our quality is proven by the experience of our team and can be easily verified.

About Lachhekumar Nadar

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